Time tracking should be likeable.

How do you make something that most people don’t really like likeable? That was the challenge facing us, when we created the ICORP Time Tracking app. To make time tracking as easy and as attractive as humanly possible. Achieving two important purposes: firstly, a simple way to keep track of the performance of processes within your company. Secondly, accurately measuring data and time, making it easier to pass these costs on to customers.

State-of-the-art easy data entry with a smarter smartphone app.

Quick insights into project and order status. Speedy time and material billing.

Integration with ICORP order-to-cash solution.

The most easy to use time tracker ever?

The ICORP Time Tracking app keeps the effort for the user to the minimum and the output of data to the maximum. All active projects can be accurately tracked, with users only having access to their projects or where they have been granted permission. Earlier entries can automatically be used as a template for new entries, and holidays are prefilled.

The app is independent of your company network, which means that staff can fill in their registrations remotely. It’s almost effortless, which makes it a rather attractive in-between task.

The app has a special information area, where managers can get a total overview. Including status of contracts, orders, projects, activities and staff. You can drill down into the data regarding the quantities and amounts, for detailed useful data rather than a general overview. In fact, all users can do this, but then it’s confined to their own data.

ICORP connects

The best part of ICORP Time Tracking is that it’s not restricted to ICORP sources. Other sources of data can also easily be connected to the app. Helping you find sent (or unsent) invoices, payments that have been paid (or haven’t been paid) and more (a lot more). And all on your mobile.

ICORP has a long track record in time tracking and data collection. For example, ICORP Time, which is being used by the Dutch Ministry of General Affairs since 1998. This system can be used standalone or for feeding billing and financial applications.

Welcome to the world of ICORP.

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