An endless stream of transactions

Keeping up with payment information from the bank is a challenge. A relentless, continuous and endless stream of transactions coming in and going out. Information which is essential for the smooth running of your financial processes. Fortunately, there’s a far-reaching automated solution: ICORP Bank Statement.

This ICORP application makes it possible to enrich the datasets containing the bank statements. These can be split into individual lines. Each characterised by a transaction type, to facilitate automatic processing. For example, allocation to a specific GL account. Extra special care is given to transactions from debtors and creditors, because they absolutely have to be matched to the financial documents already in the system. Our new software supports various forms of matching, including name, amount, aging and unique key. The system is selective with each option, whether to see it as a solid match or only as a proposal. Lastly, allocated payments are actually posted directly into the finance system. The link between the debit and credit posts is used for their reconciliation.

Unsurprisingly, the quality of your bank statement tool determines the efficiency of your system. That’s why ICORP Bank Statement has the ability to learn. How? Every and any form of error is a trigger for future improvement. Transaction types and matching methods are constantly refined and improved.

ICORP Bank Statement. A new gem.

Automatic matching and reconciliation.

ICORP Bank Statement has the ability to learn.

ICORP Bank Statement is an essential part of the cascade of ICORP applications, completing the Quote-to-Cash process.
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