There are some industries in which we excel…

Our passion is developing highly adaptive software to handle complex financial and administrative business processes. We do not limit ourselves to a specific sector. ICORP’s software is used in media, health care and logistics, but is also widely used in real estate, government and finance. Please do not hesitate to contact us about the benefits that ICORP software can have in your specific industry!


Logistics. Satisfying the need for speed.

If ever there was an industry that is renowned for its complexity it’s logistics. Just configuring communication functionality between customers, customs and the necessary governmental departments is a challenge. A challenge that generic ERP solutions are just not fully up to.
Generic has no place in the world of logistics. Specific is king. ICORP is an integrator, that effortlessly connects dedicated freight, storage and distribution systems. Passing orders, taking care of billing, communicating with the financial system, EDI, customer systems, PEPPOL, Adyen and so much more.

Our software is made especially for large volumes that have to be processed at breakneck speed. A good example: ferries. The invoice must already be on its way, before the truck has even left the ferry. Then there are the special types of invoices that also need to be processed. Invitations-to-invoice and self-billing, focusing on speed and a continuous process, where issues are settled afterwards. Speed, proposing solutions, identifying and setting deviations are where we excel.

Our software is additionally well-suited to package suppliers where speed, large volumes and complex rules also apply. A million packages a day that need to be processed and charged? No problem.


Media and ICORP Complex Billing®. Made for each other.

The media business is made for ICORP Complex Billing® solutions. For example, radio and TV advertisements, where duration, channel, time of the day and frameworks all need to be taken into consideration. Not forgetting the rules and regulations, royalties, usage rights and various subscription models. All have to be calculated over time and recalculated for the following year, when different rules and mark-ups often apply. With ICORP software it’s all taken care of.

What makes ICORP special, is that we don’t just take care of invoicing. ICORP is equally at home for the payment side of things. Payments that artists and producers are entitled to, based on their royalty and performance rights.

And, Icorp can provide you with a Media Rights Management System: who has ownership for which parts of media products (e.g. a TV series), how will income be divided when sold to other parties, are directors and actors also entitled to revenue, does a documentary feature vulnerable interviewees that prohibit distribution, are rights owned for a specific country, for specific broadcastings like video-on-demand, etc? It is all finding a place in Icorp.

Health care

Healthcare. A tangle of organizations, hundreds of systems.

Hundreds of foundations, institutions and organizations working together. Each with hundreds of their own rules, regulations and systems. What was already extremely complicated has found a whole new level of difficult during the last few years. Decentralization to municipalities and private parties which requires even more input, and even more detailed reporting. How do you connect these seemingly unconnectable entities? ICORP. Our software simplifies complexity. With algorithms that offer adaptability and connectivity.