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September 2019 | Safety Region Mid and West Brabant moves to the cloud
The Netherlands are divided into 25 safety regions. One is the Mid and West Brabant Security Region (VRMWB), a partnership between 24 municipalities and emergency services as fire brigades, public health services and police. These partners work closely together in the field of crisis management, disaster relief, firefighting, medical assistance in case of disasters and the maintenance of public order and safety.
VRMWB was already an Icorp customer for quite some time, but now within the new policy of bringing IT as much as possible into the cloud, the transfer is being made from an on-premise application to Icorp SaaS. This reduces maintenance and more on customer side. See for the advantages of SaaS >>
VRMWB uses Icorp Time; now also the Icorp Sagitta Time app will be deployed, for data-entry and for real-time insights into budgets and hours spent.

August 2019 | Amasus Shipping selects Icorp via our Reseller Diesis
Amasus Shipping is a full-service shipping office in the Netherlands. Amasus engages in chartering and total ship management for a large number of shipping companies, captain/owners and its own vessels. Amasus Offshore specializes in transport of heavy and oversized cargo.
Amasus has terminal facilities at the Eemshaven and in Delfzijl.
Services rendered by Amasus are sale and purchase of vessels, agency, crew affairs, chartering, financial management, management services, offshore, towage services, stevedoring, technical-nautical management, fleet management and warehousing.
Amasus will deploy Icorp Complex Billing, Icop Data Bridge and Icorp Rules Engine for billing the agency services to its clients.

July 2019 | Also Millennium Consulting becomes Icorp reseller
Recent contacts revealed that Millennium Consulting could form a profitable extension to the sales channels that exist for the Icorp software. Therefore Millennium took up the role of reseller.
The focus of Millenniums marketing and sales will lie on the UK and Italy. The country of Italy features a lot of special governemental requirements to the invoicing proces, for which Icorp's algorithms are well-suited. And the European office for Millennium is headquartered in Milan.

May 2019 | Icorp releases its time recording App for sale
After successful trials, the Icorp Smartphone App has now entered into the sales circuit. The app allows for end user time recording. It configures itself to the definitions held in the central database: it adjusts to the quantity of columns to be used, their names, the inter dependencies, the obligatory character of data, the exact masters per user and more. This way, a very safe and guided data entry-point is provided. Masters flow in from the central database and transactions flow towards it. Guided by algorithms. Realtime.
There's no need to upgrade to the latest Icorp software version, the Time App as an extension also works with your current software.
With this app, Icorp offers a substantial extension to the long data chains it always delivers, with seamless integration between the diverse links.

May 2019 | The Court of Justice of the European Union judges that every company must have a time recording system in place
Member States must require employers to set up a system enabling the duration of daily working time to be measured. That is what the Court of Justice of the European Union judged on 14 May 2019.
"Consequently, in order to ensure the effectiveness of the rights provided for in the Working Time Directive and the Charter, the Member States must require employers to set up an objective, reliable and accessible system enabling the duration of time worked each day by each worker to be measured."
Icorp offers in its product portfolio time recording software since a long time. In fact, it was the reason behind Icorp's founding. This module, Icorp Time, aka Sagitta, is fully integrated into the other software modules. Recently we extended the Icorp proposition with a smartphone app. And we offer in collaboration with Global M a sophisticated system for automatic recording of time with beacons and badges.

April 2019 | Icorp presents itself on the Millennium conference in London
Millennium Consulting almost yearly organises a conference for its customers, to update them on the latest developments and other noteworthy aspects of UNIT4 Financials and surrounding products. This year Icorp also took part in the line-up of speakers. After the presentation Icorp welcomed many visitors at its stand for a quick or longer chat. We appreciated talking to existing customers. With the new contacts we often drew the conclusion that further contact would be beneficial to explore possibilities further.
Currently we are working on the follow-up of this successful conference day.
It was good to also strengthen the connection with Millennium. Thanks for a very positive conference day at a beautiful venue in the heart of London.

April 2019 | Icorp starts development and deployment of its inventory module Icorp Stock
With the tools available in the Icorp toolbox, Icorp is creating an inventory application called Icorp Stock. Icorp Stock will allow for simple handling of inventory and changes in it, as derived automatically from sales or purchases, or manually. Part of this new system module will be alerts that go off when defined storage level limits are reached, both on screen and per email.
Icorp Stock aims at small business, for light use.
The above templates, created with almost no programming, will soon be complemented by a smartphone app. This app will enable easy stock taking. By manual data-entry, but also by scanning labels and serial numbers. Later AI is envisaged, to let the software do the counting of articles from only one or a few photos taken.

February 2019 | Diesis and Icorp sign Resellership agreement
Diesis is an implementation partner to Icorp since a long time. From now on, Diesis is also an official reseller of the Icorp software. Diesis will acquire new customers from their own network and by aiming at carefully defined target groups, like care or logistics. Offering them a one-stop shop.

January 2019 | A unit of Multi Corporation starts time recording with Icorp
A part of Multi Corporation in Amsterdam and other European offices, consisting of architects, selected the Icorp SaaS offering for maintaining projects, budgets and rates, and for the recording of time. Users and other stakeholders will be informed on screen and by mail if budgets are (going to be) exceeded. After the application of rates, tailored webservice data is output to the financial system.
Multi Corporation is a leading, pan-European integrated service platform for retail real estate assets, managing over 110 retail assets across Europe and Turkey. It offers a full spectrum of services, including leasing, shopping centre operations, marketing, redevelopment & refurbishments, legal and compliance.

December 2018 | Icorp starts development of Icorp Quoting
After various prototypes in the past, we embraced the initiative to develop a new branch of the Icorp product tree: Icorp Quoting. In line with Icorp's philosophy to create long (business) data chains, we acknowledged that projects and other endeavours often start with a quote. This quote must be dynamic for its content, in structure and linked free text, and with regard to adaptability in the course of negotiations with a customer. After acceptance a quote turns into a contract, with all the associated paperwork, ranging from the contract itself to statements of work and purchase orders.
All these components will be covered by new Icorp Quoting, as far as not already available in the existing Icorp software portfolio.
The development and build will have a flying start, since we build further on existing elements in Icorp Master Data Management (MDM) and Icorp Correspondence. Also, we will make good use of the algorithmic power of Icorp Rules Engine.

September 2018 | Fisher Clinical Services renews its Icorp system
Fisher Clinical Services is one of the largest Icorp customers, based in Basel Switzerland. The company logistically facilitates clinical trials for pharmaceutical companies.
For eight years the Icorp system is in use for connecting quoting systems, distribution, freight and storage systems and the financial system. Every month the Icorp system pulls in data that qualify for billing. The account managers (can adjust and) confirm the data, after which Icorp Billing produces invoices for the large pharmaceutical customers of FCS.
The new software version will a.o. enhance the usability and performance of the central dashboard. After completion, the focus will shift towards elaborating the functionality and setup of the system, within the boundaries of the standard software.

Augustus 2018 | Ministry of Common Affairs renews its Icorp system
The Ministry of Common Affairs is the oldest Icorp customer, for 20 years now. Recently she moved to the latest Icorp software version for time recording.

June 2018 | Platinum Equity upgrades to new Icorp software
Platinum Equity in Beverly Hills is a valued US customer, using Icorp software in strong integration with UNIT4 Financials. Next to financial data, also documents are exchanged between the two environments.
UNIT4 Financials, formerly known as CODA Financials, moved to the cloud and Icorp needed to adjust to the new situation. The new version of the software comprising of Icorp DataBridge catered for this challenge.

May 2018 | Hoyer changes the landscape wherein Icorp operates
Hoyer GmbH Logistik und Fachspedition is a company with a large European operation, with Icorp software providing ample services for currency exchange and tax regulations, for goods as well as services.
Hoyer announced a change in its landscape, consisting of a transfer from Oracle to SQL Server. The Icorp system was migrated from Oracle to the new RDBMS. It also underwent an upgrade to the latest software version. Since Hoyer wants to be technology independent, the data collection functions were moved from direct database access pulling the data in, to webservices. If source systems have options to push data in using the Icorp webservices, that approach could have been chosen, but here it was decided to have the icorp DataBridge calling the CODA Financials webservices for supplying data.
All 3 modernization movements led to a basis ready for further expansion. This expansion is aimed at adding more companies to the Icorp Billing solution. But also, at adding more features to the implementation. Soon we will be starting work on adding Fuel surcharges.

March 2018 | Icorp migrates to MS Azure
After careful planning, Icorp transferred its development, implementation, production and administration working environments to Microsoft Azure. Scalability and easy cooperation between the various Icorp units and employees, were the key benefits searched for.
This move also enables Icorp to provide private cloud solutions to customers. And to provide room for preliminary implementation works on Icorp facilities instead of on-premise, the latter costing time to arrange on short notice.

February 2018 | Drukwerkdeal.nl selects Icorp
Drukwerkdeal.nl is the largest online printing company in the Benelux. Quality, instant delivery and personal service are key values.
Drukwerkdeal will use Icorp Data Bridge, Icorp Rules Engine and Icorp Billing for compiling large volumes of bills to customers. Based on source data sets containing order, product and delivery information.

August 2017 | Ennia Insurance at Curacao selects Icorp
With offices in Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao and St. Maarten, Ennia is the largest insurer in the Dutch Caribbean. Ennia is one of the few full-service insurance companies in the region.
Ennia will use Icorp Data Bridge, Icorp Rules Engine and Icorp Billing for automatically calculating and issuing charges that were previously difficult to handle.

June 2017 | A shipping company selects Icorp
A large company in the area of shipping services, working in many offices all over the worlds, selects the Icorp software for its complex billing processes. These processes are characterised by large volumes of rules and regulations.
The company provides services in the area of storage, handling, forwarding, chartering and related logistics. The organisation is well recognised in the global commodity trade business.

February 2017 | A royal visit to EEX
To emphasise the relationship that exists between Germany and its Bundesländer and The Netherlands, the Dutch King and Queen visited our customer EEX in Leipzig.

December 2016 | German organisation for Artist rights selects Icorp
The Gesellschaft zur Verwertung von Leistungsschutzrechten mbH (GVL) in Berlin represents 140.000 artists and producers, to receive remuneration as stated in the Copyright Act. For that purpose, bills are sent to rights users like tv and radio stations. The Icorp Rules Engine calculates the amounts, based on a multitude of variables per sector, like audience, transmission start, channels, countries etc., after which the system sends out the charges.
After receiving payments the Icorp system informs the rights owners of their share.
UNIT4 Financials is simultaneously introduced as the new financial system.

June 2016 | We have moved to a new office
As of 1 July 2016, we are headquartered on a new location in Bodegraven. After 10 years, we feel it's time for a fresh start.

Our new address is:
Tolnasingel 14
The Netherlands

Attention: Our phone number has changed as well: +31 85 7500494

May 2016 | European energy trading platform goes live with Icorp
This month our client, a leading energy trading platform in Europe, has started going live with Icorp in Germany. Icorp processes and bills trade and other transactions, with integrated booking in the financial administration.
The project is ongoing, to expand the solution to other European energy exchanges in the Netherlands, France, Belgium and the UK.

April 2016 | Icorp releases its smartphone app for time registration
In collaboration with 88Degrees, Icorp developed a smartphone app solution. End-users use this app to register time on their devices. Often data collected in this way remains in an area in which further use is limited. For Icorp that's not enough. The real value of data lies in flowing from source to destination, via various intermediate stages, in a seamless manner. With the connected back-office functionality for approval, transformation and posting to financial systems, billing and more, Icorp offers a full solution for data transport and enrichment.

February 2016 | Icorp releases its Portfolio planning tool
Based on many years of experience with project planning and resource allocation, Icorp has designed a tool that connects three levels of planning: Task planning (like MS Project), Function planning and Resource allocation. The new Icorp tool continues where MS Project (MSP) stops. MSP is good at task planning, but connecting resources can create a mess. And, comparing planning data with actuals is difficult if not to say impossible. The Icorp tool, which btw interfaces with MSP, overcomes all these shortcomings, and more.

November 2015 | Icorp connects with German financial system Diamant
The Icorp software can be seen, among others, as middleware, able to play an intermediary role between systems. A special position is for financial systems, with which Icorp has a lot in common. This month a connection is established with financial system Diamant. Diamant is a widespread system in Germany.
Via webservices Icorp supplies both master data and financial transaction data to Diamant.

June 2015 | Chain of radio stations Global Radio selects Icorp
We are delighted to welcome a group of radio stations as a new client. This media company is also involved in television broadcasting and artist management services.
The customer will use the Icorp Data Bridge to read data from source systems, containing information on campaigns and broadcasted spots. After streaming through the Icorp Rules Engine it is the Icorp Billing system that produces the draft and final invoices, followed by creating the financial documents in UNIT4's financial system CODA Financials.

June 2015 | A leading energy trading platform in Europe selects Icorp
A leading energy trading platform in Europe will start using Icorp Data Bridge for the collection of data from various source systems. After transformations in the Icorp Rules Engine the data is ready for invoicing, as established in Icorp Billing. Finally, the Icorp Data Bridge posts the financial information into the financial system Diamant.

April 2015 | Belgian financial markets authority FSMA selects Icorp for calculating and invoicing enterprise contributions
Icorp is delighted to welcome the Belgian financial watch dog FSMA (Financial Services and Markets Authority) as its newest client. The FSMA is responsible for supervising the financial markets and listed companies, authorising and supervising certain categories of financial institutions, overseeing compliance by financial intermediaries with codes of conduct and supervising the marketing of investment products to the general public, as well as for the ‘social supervision’ of supplementary pensions. The Belgian government has also tasked the FSMA with contributing to the financial education of savers and investors.
The contribution that each supervised enterprise must pay is specified by law. The complicated rules per sector to calculate the contribution are handled by the Icorp Rules Engine. Icorp Billing produces the invoices, differing per sector, in languages and extensiveness. Icorp Data Bridge pulls in the source data from the National Bank to be fed into the calculations. And it posts the results automatically in the financial system.
Icorp won this order after a competition with 5 contenders.

February 2015 | Transmar Group selects Icorp
Transmar Group is one of the world’s leading suppliers of cocoa products to the confectionary, ice cream and bakery industries. Founded in 1980, the services today span the complete cocoa supply chain from bean sourcing, logistics, and processing to semi-finished products.
Transmar Group is headquartered in Morristown, New Jersey, with sales offices in the US, Germany, Ecuador and Russia. The operations include cocoa processing plants in Ecuador, Germany and America as well as contract manufactures in West Africa and Indonesia.
Transmar will use Icorp Data Bridge to collect contractual, product and order data from its source systems. Icorp's Rules Engine will enrich the data and feed it into Icorp Billing. The latter will post the invoice data into CODA Financials and back to the source system.
The architecture of the solution is interesting. Icorp will be deployed in a SaaS configuration, communicating via webservices with CODA Financials residing in a private cloud. Intercompany transactions between the diverse Transmar companies form a substantial part of the solution.

January 2015 | Icorp releases version 9
Version 9 incorporates an integrated Rules Engine, as a successor to the Quantities module. Next to a new, efficient data structure, the user will welcome filter and presentation options, accompanied by performance increases.
Version 9 features Setup pages for configuration aspects like Companies, Tax, Currencies and more. Deep links can be turned into menu items, allowing for easy navigation. While setting up the system, there's no longer the need for direct database access.

Icorp has created templates to implement Icorp Correspondence as an automated communication system, enabling organisations to send brochures and other communications to defined target groups, one-off or cyclically.
Next to it, templates have been developed for risk management, enabling automatic email messages to be sent out if a rate, a right set or other commercial or security item has been changed.

Icorp Data Bridge has undergone improvements like forced inserts, updates and deletes, bypassing comparison processes, and parallel processing of SQL commands, leading to great performance gains.
In Icorp Billing the finalisation stage is no longer confined to pure printing. Per invoice algorithms steer whether to print, email, and/or send an invoice to a DMS system.
A new feature is the Master data processing facility, using algorithms from Icorp’s Rules Engine, to send elements, groups, comments, addresses and comparable master data into external systems like CODA Financials for creation or update. Whether Icorp is the source itself or received the data from other systems, it can feed external systems like CODA Financials from user-friendly Icorp maintenance screens, without the need for users to have access to or understand the external systems.

October 2014 | Icorp starts development of a new set of planning tools
The Icorp software portfolio has various planning features, ranging from capacity planning to services planning. Recently it has been decided to start development of a completely new collection of integrated planning tools.
Planning is distinguished in 4 levels. At the highest level tasks are being planned, with their duration, intensity and dependencies. This is the form of planning that MS Project is often used for. An integration with MS Project is incorporated, so that it makes no difference whether MSP or Icorp is in the lead. Drilling down one level brings us at function planning. It's here that certain skill sets are asked for. Again with indication of duration and intensity. This is a stepping stone towards the third level, on which identifiable resources are sought for filling in the desired functions or skills. On the highest and fourth level we have the portfolio planning, overseeing all projects in combination.
The collection of planning tools consists of views that via drilldown options resolve from each other. The levels are loosely coupled, to leave room for resolving issues navigating up and down.

July 2014 | Maher Terminals in New York selects Icorp
The Icorp software at Maher Terminals will be set up to streamline container administration, invoicing and posting to CODA. Maher Terminals has a high frequency network with rail and inland services. Vessels with containers of multiple clients arrive to be discharged and loaded. On a daily basis these clients are billed for the container handling. Last year saw a weekly visit of 20 deep-sea vessels, 110 feeders, 80 trains and 8500 trucks.
In addition to the unit billing, clients are also billed for labour (e.g. reefer). Labour is billed to the clients prorated, based on the number of containers they have on the ship.

June 2014 | Carante Group selects Icorp
Carante Group is a collaboration between twelve independent organisations in the care sector. The affiliated organisations are active in various parts of the Netherlands. With a staff of over 19,000, these organisations offer customised care, counseling, and support to over 20,000 clients. Carante Group is specialised in providing care and services to people with a physical and/or mental deficiency, in the field of psychiatric care, care of the elderly, public well-being, and youth relief work.
Carante will use Icorp Data Bridge, Icorp Rules Engine and Icorp Billing to compile source data, to apply rates and other enrichments and to send the transformed data as invoices to its clients. The governmental regulations have recently changed, enforcing the need for more efficient and volume-oriented facilities.

January 2014 | Icorp releases its Rules Engine
The Icorp application suite is full of algorithms, among others driving data transformations. Icorps new Rules Engine allows for the setup of infinite quantity collections, transformations, enrichments and calculations. Integrated is an extension to the new Actions module, providing options to pre- or post-process user events - like saving a piece of master data, inserting a budget - by programmable actions.
The Icorp Rules Engine, in combination with Icorps Data Bridge, allows for huge throughputs of data, resulting in management information, invoices and financial documents in CODA.
The Icorp Rules Engine can be seen as a collection of building blocks, getting a face when applied.

December 2013 | Icorp concludes its work on Icorp Webservices
When Cunningham Lindsey (CL) joined the Icorp customer community, we started work on a new web services framework called Actions. This framework allows external programs to interact with certain Icorp modules. External programs can now request information, maintain master data and execute billing actions. CL uses the new Actions module with their new claims system to trigger tasks in Icorp, including applying business rules contained in Icorp, maintaining master data, producing invoices and posting into CODA Financials.
Next to the new Actions module, we have developed another form of web services. These web services are used by ajax calls from the Icorp web application, in order to make the web pages more responsive. This will make the Icorp suite feel more like a native Windows application and faster in heavily populated screens.

November 2013 | Global retail company selects Icorp
A large retail company from Sweden will start using Icorp Billing and more for worldwide media order handling and intercompany invoicing.

October 2013 | Icorp releases its Data Bridge
Icorp as software has developed into a hub in the wheel of application landscapes through its ability to connect systems. The purpose of the new Data Bridge module is the collection of data from outside data feeds, whether in the form of direct access to external databases, staging tables or webservices. Also, more primitive data sets can be disclosed, like XML or Excel files.
The Icorp Data Bridge is aimed at the consumption of huge data collections, for instance, the reading in of 1 million transactions a day. New values, updates and deletes are carefully processed. As expected, Icorp software is optimised to keep performance high. We accomplished this through such steps as breaking up the comparison process and its consecutive database actions into multiple parallel sub processes.

August 2013 | Yodel Delivery Network Limited selects Icorp for all parcel billing tasks
Yodel, UK's leading parcel delivery company, is the result of the merger between Home Delivery Network and the UK domestic business of DHL in 2010. Yodel is the UK's largest independent B2B and B2C service provider, covering every postcode in the UK, on a peak day visiting over a million homes. The company operates more than 5000 vans.
The Icorp Billing software is currently being configured to collect data from various datafeeds, covering all applicable business rules, rates etc., to deliver the full collection of invoices on surcharges. As usual, the Icorp application posts the financial components of the invoices into CODA Financials, to provide direct financial visibility to the earnings.
After this first implementation stage all parcel billing will be embedded in the Icorp systems, replacing many legacy systems and bringing a huge ROI for the customer.

July 2013 | Hoyer Group chooses for Icorp
HOYER GmbH Logistik und Fachspedition, headquartered in Hamburg Germany, is an international logistics company and one of the worldwide market leaders in moving liquids by road, rail and sea.
For its operations in Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium and Finland Hoyer Group will start using the Icorp Billing software. The Icorp web applications will among other things replace legacy invoicing applications for Tank cleaning, Storage and Handling. Hoyer will also use the Icorp rules and billing engines to provide manual invoicing facilities to large international user groups. The Icorp software will post all invoice data automatically into the UNIT4 product CODA Financials.

June 2013 | Unit4 Germany User Conference
On June 11th and 12th Icorp participated as a Unit4 network partner in the German User Conference, the Kundentage 2013, in Berlin. Over 100 customers joined over 2 days in more than 40 sessions on Unit4 software enhancements. Icorp was a lead presenter in the main session on Billing, and demonstrated how Icorp is able to handle with ease any billing requirements that large multinationals may have.
Through a live browser-based demonstration, Icorp answered questions like: “Can Icorp handle the progress to a next stage of only specific invoices that meet certain requirements?”; “Can Icorp handle multiple page invoices with differing algorithms that decide the invoice ingredients?”; and, “Can Icorp allow for multiple approvers in the sign off process of invoices?” The presenters confirmed – indeed, Icorp Billing does this and more.
Should you be interested in more information regarding the Icorp Billing presentation, please contact us at info@icorp.nl.

May 2013 | Making Reservations Even Easier
Icorp has released a totally new version of its Reservation system. A graphical plan board gives the back-office user the opportunity to drag and drop appointments with ease. Also integrated with the changes: immediate email confirmations, ensuring smooth and accurate communications between the vendor and the customer.
This graphical interface will be a leading principle in other envisioned renewals and extensions of the Icorp product portfolio.

March 2013 | Icorp publishes new brochures in English and German
Today’s Icorp product portfolio has been substantially renewed and extended. Innovative applications have been built using the Icorp software, taking forms that clients had previously not imagined. The possibilities continue to expand for various sectors, from finance to shipping to retail to recreation. Those were good reasons to write a fully new brochure on Icorp’s products and their application. For a free copy of the new brochures, please contact us at info@icorp.nl.

December 2012 | CBE Group selects Icorp
The CBE Group is a debt collecting company with its headquarters in Waterloo (IA) USA. The CBE Group wants to distinguish itself from other debt collecting companies by not only reaching fast success, but also by doing this while keeping integrity and ethics in mind.
One of the core values of the CBE Group is innovation. The CBE Group wishes to use leading technology.
CBE Group will start using Icorp Billing, Icorp Time and Icorp Expenses4u, integrated with UNIT4's CODA Financials.

October 2012 | Icorp revamps its Reporting module
Since the beginning the Icorp product suite has featured a Reporting module. Its functionality is quite powerful, offering freely definable SQL for data retrieval and extensive XML formatting options. After the revamp, the work involved in implementation is greatly reduced. For example, different sorting orders no longer require the creation of duplicate reports. Furthermore, selection pulldowns are offered as prefab, variables substituted at runtime have been extended, labels don't have to be explicitly defined anymore etc.

August 2012 | Icorp releases its new software module Expenses4U
Applying the latest software architecture innovations (.Net Framework 4.0, Upshot, Knockout, Signal-R), Icorp released a new module for personal expenses. The Expenses4U software is highly flexible at implementation time and fully integrated with CODA Financials. Expenses can be seen as an objective in itself, but they can also be used for re-invoicing. A smartphone frontend app is also part of the product.

June 2012 | Travelex Group selects Icorp
A new customer in the UK is Travelex Ltd. In the Netherlands Travelex is well-known by its daughter company Grenswisselkantoren.
Travelex Group is a foreign exchange company headquartered London. Its main businesses are international payments, bureau de change and issuing prepaid credit cards for use by travellers. It is the world's largest foreign exchange bureau.
Travelex will start using Icorp Rules & Billing for its administrative processes in conjunction with CODA Financials.

May 2012 | Cunningham Lindsey selects Icorp
The first fruit of the partnership between UNIT4/CODA UK and Icorp is the selection of the full Icorp product suite for use by Cunningham Lindsey UK. Cunningham Lindsey UK is part of the Cunningham Lindsey Group, which through its subsidiaries provides a wide range of independent claims and incident management services world-wide. Cunningham Lindsey UK Head Office is based in Reading and operates through a further 25 offices nation-wide. Icorp will integrate with ClaimsLink, a new process driven system for claims administration, and with CODA Financials, being the hub between the two systems.

April 2012 | UNIT4/CODA UK and Icorp sign a partnership agreement
After UNIT4/CODA NL and UNIT4/CODA US now also a partnership is established with the counterpart in the United Kingdom. The UK is the home base of CODA, with a large customer population. Icorp is proud to have gained access to this extensive new market.

March 2012 | Icorp releases its tool for calculating the ROI on Icorp products
Various arguments can be formulated to buy and implement new software products. One of the best arguments, however, is to calculate the financial Return On Investment of a new system. The Icorp ROI tool invites you to fill in the independent variables that describe your business best. After that a set of rules calculate the values of intermediary variables, resulting in the determination of the dependent ROI variable sought for.
Taking into account license fees, implementation costs and more, we have seen ROI's indicating that the investment in Icorp software can be earned back in the first year already.
The ROI tool exists for Icorp Billing and Icorp Expenses4U, and the range of products covered will be extended.

January 2012 | The city of Middelburg in Zeeland selects Icorp
Middelburg becomes an important location for Icorp. Next to the province of Zeeland, Scoop and SCEZ, Icorp welcomes a fourth organization in Middelburg as a customer. The city of Middelburg will start using the Icorp software for budgeting and time keeping.

December 2011 | Icorp starts development of a new Expenses module
The design of the new Expenses solution will do justice to the often unpredictable rules that need to be implemented per customer, company, country, or … Especially in countries like the UK and Germany the requirements in this area are high.
Other parts of the Icorp application suite already have this high configurability (think of data collection, posting, VAT determination, …). We will bring this to live for the Expenses application too.
Flexibility will be available firstly in the fields that can be setup per expense type. 'Meals' require different fields than 'Mileage'. Secondly, every expense type will have its own rules to apply at data entry. For example, a meal that is enjoyed before 9 o'clock isn't refundable, a later one is.
We estimate that we gradually might compile a collection of 50 to 100 rules, with all technical details that form them. The customer application manager however will only be presented with a simple maintenance screen that allows for easy activation and de-activation and for easy parameter setting, like the 'meal switch time' of 9pm from the example.
First deliveries for production use are envisaged from May 2012.

December 2011 | Icorp presents its Setup dashboards
The Icorp product suite can be tailored to every business process. And to a financial management system like CODA Financials. The flipside of the extreme configurability is sometimes the need to go into database details setting up the Icorp applications. Icorp is known as a 'technical application'.
Therefore we developed the so-called Dashboards, from now on giving guided web access to a multitude of setup data.

The symbols on the screen above give the option for selecting e.g. labels from a picklist, building value list that are used by end users, building tiny bits of SQL and testing it, etc.
Governing rightsets, which are very refined in their setup, forms also part of this tools collection.

November 2011 | Various customers extend their Icorp licences
Based on successful usage of the Icorp products, during 2011 Rotterdam University extended its Icorp user base substantially, as did Saxion Universities and a large global retail company.

October 2011 | Icorp moves to another office in Enschede
Although the old office was located in a charming old cloister, we needed to expand the square meters for our Development department. We found ample working space in a new office at Lasonderstraat 3a in Enschede.

August 2011 | Icorp introduces its flexible stylesheet feature
A recent innovation to the Icorp product suite is the de-coupling of data and styling. In the HTML that a web server sends to the client, in the past a mix between data and presentation existed. In the new HTML that the Icorp system builds, table structures and other layout determinators are no longer present. Only links to stylesheets exist, which independently take care of presentation. As a consequence, the look-and-feel of all icorp applications can be freely switched. Even a specific object 1 (e.g. a CODA element) can have its own stylesheets differing from object 2. The complete independency between content and style also gives the option to let the Icorp application take over the style of the application it’s connected to, like CODA. The user will see an integrated solution. 
Also dedicated stylesheets for mobile devices can be assigned, automatically coming into play if the application senses that a smart phone is used.

May 2011 | Icorp implements its new Reservation system for a first customer
The Icorp application portfolio features various planning components, like Capacity planning and Services planning. Services planning is focusing on appointments, being simple appointments or chains of appointments. We were able to easily make use of the data structure and the business layer of Icorp to create the new Reservation system.
With a front and a back office application the new webbased module enables Skeef to orchestrate the process of reserving water-ski lots. The Skeef customers do most of the work, on the internet, the backoffice only needs to conduct additional activities. Pricing and cash payment are already in the system, soon electronic payment facilities follow. The new Reservation system is so flexible that it can service wellness centers, squash centers, restaurants, dentists etc. The presentation layer automatically takes over the house style of the customer.
The Reservation system is available as a SaaS solution, with a fee charged per successful transaction.

February 2011 | Icorp introduces its Migration tool
Upgrading the Icorp software to a new version - often accompanying a CODA upgrade - could be a time consuming, and rather technical, task. The new Migration tool reduces this time substantially, but more importantly it enhances quality. Handmade scripts are no longer needed. The new tool compares the old production database and the database of the new version. From that analysis it builds a scenario in XML to change database objects like stored procedures and views, but also to change or insert setup records like parameters.
As a spin-off a new tool emerged called the Snapshot Creator. This tool gives the opportunity to extract setup (and if desired master) data from a customer database, for storage in the Icorp versioning system Vault and in case of problems for analysis purposes.

October 2010 | Artefact selects Icorp
Artefact is an office that renders consultancy and research services in the field of archaeology.
Artefact will start using the Icorp portal for its project administration.

September 2010 | Growing Minds selects Icorp
Growing Minds is a young Amsterdam based marketing consultancy company that assists charity organisations and companies to grow. Growing Minds combines marketing communication, database marketing and ICT.
Growing Minds will use the Icorp-portal for its project administration.

June 2010 | Agency for Urban Planning selects Icorp
Bureau Stedelijke Planning BV is a research, advice and project management company in the area of urban planning. The agency provides structural plans and development visions, master plans, market and feasibility studies, policy documents, grant applications and implementation programs.
The Agency for Urban Planning will use the Icorp portal (Software as a Service) for its project administration, i.e. for administering projects, budgets, hours and expenses and automatic billing.

April 2010 | Fisher Clinical Services selects Icorp
Fisher Clinical Services, Inc. has its headquarter in Allentown (Pa) USA. Fisher Clinical Services provides services for clinical trials across the world. Main activities are primary packaging, secondary packaging and distribution. The company also supports manufacturing, comparator purchasing and drug-sourcing activities.
Icorp will connect with Quoting, Distribution and Storage systems to produce invoices based on large collections of input data. Invoicing is followed by automatic posting of financial data into CODA Financials.
Firstly the Swiss operation in Basel and Weil am Rhein (D) will be implemented.

February 2010 | Platinum Equity LLC selects Icorp
Platinum Equity, based in Beverly Hills CA, USA, is a global firm specialized in mergers, acquisitions, and operations of companies that provide mission-critical products, services, and solutions in diverse industries. Platinum offers deep in-house resources and flexible acquisition solutions to sellers worldwide.

December 2009 | International retail organisation chooses Icorp
After a year of preparation, a large retail organisation with stores and warehouses all over the world will start using Icorp for all internal invoicing and automatic intercompany postings into its various CODA environments.

December 2009 | Priority Solutions selects Icorp
Priority Solutions International is a supply chain management company specializing in meeting the logistics requirements of the Life Sciences industry. The company was formed through a merger between Priority Air Express (PAX) of Swedesboro, New Jersey and Distribution Solutions International (DSI) of Traverse City, Michigan. Priority Solutions International clients have access to a nationwide network of qualified local delivery resources, multiple warehouse locations, international air freight forwarding and a wide variety of value-added services. Priority Solutions International was acquired by ThermoFisher Scientific in 2007.

December 2009 | CODA Financials, Inc. signs contract for reselling Icorp products in America
CODA Financials, Inc., based in Manchester, New Hampshire and Lakewoord, Colorado, will add the Icorp products to its portfolio for North America. CODA is responsible for sales, implementation and support.

October 2009 | Solmate Group chooses Icorp
Solmate Group is a merger between BG Advies and Planalise. Solmate renders consultancy and implementation services for - and is partly reseller of - the products CODA Financials, Business Objects/SAP, Icorp and Corporate Planner.

September 2009 | Icorp v7 released featuring Unicode
The newest version of the Icorp software suite is Unicode based. Icorp's customers with a worldwide operation brought the need to cater for emerging markets as China and Russia with their exotic character sets. The new version also features CODA multiple XMLi. This enhancement opens the door for complex intercompany postings. The system collects master data from multiple CODA environments in data centers spread around the world. And it posts financial transactions in those distributed environments. A Swiss subsidiary rendering services to a Chinese sister company can produce intercompany invoices that are booked automatically in both the seller and buyer CODA instances. For our biggest customer with more than 100.000 staff, this brings a substantial profit on the 200.000 intercompany invoices exchanged per year. Calculations show a remarkable return on investment.

August 2009 | The Municipality of Bunnik selects Icorp
The municipality of Bunnik is the thirteenth municipality that will use the Icorp software for Time and Project administration.

July 2009 | Public Safety Region Midden- en West-Brabant selects Icorp
Public Safety Region Midden- en West-Brabant (Veiligheidsregio MWB) is a collaboration of 26 municipalities, health services, fire departments and police in order to improve safety and disaster preparation. The Icorp software is used for project management and billing.

April 2009 | Icorp launches Icorp Correspondence
Complementing the new Services Planning module, Icorp developed the Correspondence module. Correspondence is about database events triggering communication. The purpose of Icorp Correspondence is to offer a generic mechanism in the Icorp product suite for specifying and handling all sorts of communication, in the form of print, email, pdf or sms. Gradually all communication functions will be replaced by Correspondence. Unlimited areas and communication templates can be defined. The follow-up of correspondence is covered too. E.g. if a customer responds to a confirmation, the acceptance or cancelation triggers actions like switching the status of all appointments involved and generating time claims. Another example is informing project leader, project members and financial administration that a project is newly defined and up and running. Or that invoices are awaiting approval by an account manager. Options are endless.
Correspondence could be considered a pro-active modernized form of workflow.

January 2009 | Icorp launches Icorp Services Planning
The newest version of the Icorp software suite features a new module called Services Planning. Services Planning aims at deploying the right personnel at the right moment against project or task requirements. In a matrix containing multiple changeable dimensions, the user identifies the requests and the appointments already in place. Fulfilling a request means establishing the connection between tasks and employee(s) in the form of (series of) appointments. Appointments transform into timecards and invoice lines.
Services Planning is of interest for for instance consultancy firms.

October 2008 | Teleac/NOT selects Icorp
Teleac/NOT is a broadcasting company supplying educational programs via television, radio and internet to a broad public. Program content focusses on art and culture, but also on practical social medical issues. Teleac/NOT will use the Icorp software for project management by its 200 internal and external employees. Budgeting, planning and the recording of time and expenses play a central role, as is the case with the retrieval of management information via Icorp Intelligence.

October 2008 | Civilink and SD+P select Icorp
SD+P is a project management and consultancy company founded in 1997. The company is a project contractor in the field of civil infrastructure and area development. Civilink is an engineering company aimed at setting up and managing civil engineering projects.
The 3 companies involved will use the Icorp software for budgeting, time and expense recording, external and internal invoicing and management reporting by Icorp Intelligence. Since the software resides on the Icorp portal, access is maximised, independent from time and place. The portal makes in house servers and maintenance personnel superfluous.

September 2008 | Communication company selects the Icorp project management suite
This communication company - which we can't disclose - is responsible for the global communication of a large European company. Also packaging and other, commercial activities form its operating area. The communication company will start using the Icorp software for planning, budgeting, registration of actuals and invoicing.
The old (client/server) software didn't suffice anymore, too much maintenance is needed and the maintenance is quite expensive. Icorp will replace the old software with its newest web applications. Icorp Intelligence will also feature to supply account and project managers with realtime information on budgets and actuals.

September 2008 | Brill Publishers selects Icorp
Founded in 1683, Royal Brill NV is a publishing house with a rich history and a strong international focus. The company's head office is in Leiden (The Netherlands) with a branch office in Boston, Massachusetts (USA). Brill is listed on Euronext Amsterdam NV.
Brill will use the Icorp software for invoicing of the rapidly growing internet subscriptions.

September 2008 | SCEZ selects Icorp
Stichting Cultureel Erfgoed Zeeland (SCEZ) will use the Icorp software for time and billing in the fields of archaeology, education, landscape, history, heritage trust, museums and regional languages.

August 2008 | CGO Management Group BV selects Icorp
GCO (Global Conference Organisers) is a conference and exhibition management organisation. It offers complete strategic and logistical solutions for corporate and association clients planning congresses, conferences, exhibitions and meetings.
GCO will use the Icorp software for project administration.

October 2007 | Redevco Real Estate Investment & Development selects Icorp Time & Billing
Redevco owns one of the largest retail real estate portfolios in Europe. Redevco, which for 150 years had been part of the C&A retail group, has grown to become a leading international company with a solid real estate portfolio valued at around seven billion euros. The company is active in 20 European countries and develops and manages a portfolio consisting of retail properties in top locations throughout Europe's major cities. The portfolio, which also includes office buildings and logistics centres, currently comprises over 800 properties.

September 2007 | Tricijn selects Icorp
Tricijn is a new organisation starting to operate from January 1st 2008. Tricijn's objective is to calculate and collect the water taxes on behalf of the water boards of Vallei & Eem, Veluwe and Zuiderzeeland.
The implementation is an elaboration of the project administration as deployed by the water board of Vallei & Eem.

August 2007 | Woonwaard selects Icorp
Woonwaard is a housing corporation in the Noord-Kennemerland area in Holland owning more than 14.000 houses. For the next ten years Woonwaard aims at developing 3.000 houses.
Woonwaard will deploy the Icorp-software for project administration, especially in the field of real estate development.

July 2007 | Icorp releases the Blackberry module
The Blackberry made its appearance in modern business life. The Blackberry, a mix between a cell phone and a pc, is always online. Icorp now offers state of the art technology to use the Blackberry for data-entry of time claims, but more importantly, for retrieving information in real-time. Are you, visiting the customers office, in search of the latest information about a project, wanting to know about subproject budgets and actuals? The answer will be found within seconds.
Twynstra Gudde, Advisors and Managers, is the first customer to deploy the Blackberry module for its consultants.
The Blackberry option is also available for PDA.

June 2007 |
Kiwa Water Research is the Dutch research and knowledge institute for drinking water, wastewater and related ecological and environmental aspects. Kiwa will use the Icorp time and billing software to support the services.

May 2007 | Citco Corporate & Trust: First office enters production
After long preparations the Denmark and Sweden office as the first of the Citco Corporate & Trust division starts production with the Icorp product suite. Soon the British Virgin Islands will follow and 15 other offices worldwide. Although the Citco offices are spread over the globe, they all make use of one web application and one database residing in the data center in Switzerland.

May 2007 | Saxion Universities choose Icorp
Saxion Universities of Applied Sciences are located in the East of the Netherlands on three campuses, in the cities of Apeldoorn, Deventer and Enschede. Saxion will use the Icorp software for Time and Project administration.

February 2007 | Icorp launches Icorp Intelligence
Icorp Intelligence is a powerful tool to retrieve data from various database sources. Searching starts Google-like, the rich end result comes in Excel. Project managers, consultants, resource managers and end users can use familiar techniques to open up an abundance of real-time and consistent information.
Inbo Adviseurs Stedenbouwkundigen Architecten is the first customer to deploy Icorp Intelligence. In June 2007 Share of Mind also implemented Icorp Intelligence.

January 2007 | The Municipality of Harlingen selects Icorp
The municipality of Harlingen is the twelfth municipality that will use the Icorp software for Time and Project administration.

December 2006 | Province Zuid-Holland (South-Holland) selects Icorp
The 2300 employees of the Province Zuid-Holland will use the Icorp software for Time and Project administration.

October 2006 | Fire Department 'Westelijke Mijnstreek' selects Icorp
Fire Department 'Westelijke Mijnstreek', a collaboration of the cities Beek, Schinnen, Sittard-Geleen and Stein, will use the Icorp software for Time and Project administration.

March 2006 | Hogeschool Rotterdam (Rotterdam University) selects Icorp
> Rotterdam University will use the Icorp software for Time and Project administration.

December 2005 | Rentré Wonen selects Icorp
Rentré Wonen is a housing association that owns more than 5.000 houses. Rentré Wonen will use the Icorp software for Time and Project administration.

December 2005 | The Emons Group selects Icorp
The Emons Group consists of a number of national and international businesses under one Dutch umbrella organization, the Emons Group Holding.
The companies belong to various independent divisions, each of which is specialized in a specific branch of logistical service within the transport sector, in particular in the following fields: chemical warehousing & distribution, glass logistics & transport, international double-deck transport, recycling logistics.
The Icorp software enables an advanced invoice process.

December 2005 | Stater selects Icorp
Stater is the end-to-end service provider for the European mortgage market. In its fulfilment of this role, Stater focuses on support for mortgage financiers in the sale, processing and financing of mortgage portfolios.
The Icorp software enables an advanced invoice process.

November 2005 | The Education Council selects Icorp
The Education Council is an independent governmental advisory body which advises the Minister, Parliament and local authorities.
The Icorp software will be used to monitor planning and realisation.

September 2005 | Quion selects Icorp
Quion is a business services provider in the mortgage value chain. In addition to attracting funding for distribution partners, Quion focuses on the complete handling of mortgages for third parties. Quion has a large number of renowned financial institutions as its clients.
Quion will use the Icorp software for Time and Project administration.

September 2005 | Scoop selects Icorp
Scoop develops and renews the social and cultural quality for the Authority of Zeeland
Scoop will use the Icorp software for Time and Project administration.

September 2005 | A&O Services selects Icorp
A&O Services is a financial service provider for the construction sector and will use the Icorp billing software to support the services.

August 2005 | INHOLLAND University selects Icorp
Another institute for professional training, INHOLLAND University, has selected the Icorp software for the Time and Project administration. INHOLLAND University offers a wide range of internationally oriented programmes covering a variety of professions.

July 2005 | Horizon College selects Icorp
Horizon college, situated in Heiloo, is an institute for vocational training. It will use the Icorp software for Time and Project administration.

March 2005 | The Municipality of Spijkenisse selects Icorp
Again a municipality has chosen for the Icorp software to support the project management. The municipality of Spijkenisse has 75.000 inhabitants and is expecting to grow to 80.000 in the near future.

March 2005 | Waterschap Roer en Overmaas selects Icorp
Waterschap Roer en Overmaas is responsible for the water management of 25 municipalities in the province of Limburg. It is situated in Sittard.

February 2005 | Citco Group Limited selects Icorp
Citco Group Limited is an organisation of financial service providers, comprised of international banks, trust and fund companies. For over sixty years, the company has served the growing needs of a diverse client base including Multinational banks, Global 1000 companies, investment management firms, international real estate investors and high net worth individuals.
From over 70 international offices (varying from British Virgin Island to Singapore) the 1500 Citco employees will use the Icorp time and billing software to support the services.

February 2005 | Waterschapsbedrijf Limburg selects Icorp
Waterschapsbedrijf Limburg purifies in sewer water purification installations the effluent for the complete province of Limburg and maintains a control- and supervision system for discharging licenses. Waterschapsbedrijf Limburg is situated in Roermond.

January 2005 | Rabo Vastgoed selects Icorp
Rabo Vastgoed is the real estate development branch of the Rabobank Groep. Rabo Vastgoed is one of the largest real estate developers in the Netherlands. In its role of project developer and financer with risk participation Rabo Vastgoed has become a remarkable player in the real estate market. Rabo Vastgoed cooperates with other market participants. It also has a tradition in public-private partnerships.

December 2004 | Omniplan joins the group of Icorp portal users
Omniplan is an independent company for consultancy and management in the field of town and country planning and real estate development. Omniplan supplies to companies and government consultants and project managers for (re)development of business parks, housing locations, shopping malls, infra structure and landscape parks. Omniplan also advises on and produces plans for development, policy and maintenance. Omniplan is located in Zeist.

December 2004 | Woningstichting Den Helder selects Icorp
Woningstichting Den Helder is a housing association that owns more than 10.000 houses. Her main objective is to let houses in Den Helder, Julianadorp en Callantsoog. Apart from letting, the association supplies various products and services to her clients.

December 2004 | Woningcorporatie De Huismeesters selects Icorp
De Huismeesters is a housing association in Groningen. She manages in the municipality of Groningen and Haren more than 8.000 houses, shops and commercial properties. The housing association is also active in projects.

November 2004 | Icorp conducts a study for the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets
Icorp is not only a supplier of products in the area of Professional Services Automation, but she also supplies services in that field. The Autoriteit Financiële Markten (AFM), or Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets, asked Icorp to study the cycle of planning and realisation of its supervision tasks. The objective of the study is a validation of the models used and the role of the information systems, and to advice on improvements. The Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets supervises the conduct of and the provision of information by all parties on the financial markets in the Netherlands, that is to say on the savings, lending, investment and insurance markets.

September 2004 | Nuffic selects Sagitta and Centurio
Nuffic, based in The Hague, is the Netherlands organization for international cooperation in higher education. Nuffic is a non-profit, professional organization aimed at making education more accessible all over the world, especially in countries where educational infrastructure is lagging behind. Nuffic will use Sagitta and Centurio.

September 2004 | Weller selects Sagitta and Centurio
Housing association Weller from Heerlen owns 11.000 houses and other buildings. Weller will start using Sagitta and Centurio for project administration.

June 2004 | AstreaWeb is ready now
This month we have completed the web version of our billing module Astrea. Astrea was the last client server application. With this milestone we now can offer a fully web based solution for your project administration.
Astrea users who want to upgrade to AstreaWeb, please contact our supportdesk.

May 2004 | The Municipality of Nijmegen selects Centurio and Sagitta for project administration
The Municipality of Nijmegen has joined the Centurio and Sagitta users.
Centurio, for the central project administration, and Sagitta for the (in this case 650) end-users, work integrated with CODA-Financials. This means that the master data of CODA are used in Centurio and Sagitta and the results of the project administration flow into CODA as journal lines.

April 2004 | The Municipality of Moerdijk selects Centurio and Sagitta
The Municipality of Moerdijk has joined the Centurio and Sagitta users. Centurio, for the central project administration, and Sagitta for the end-users, work integrated with CODA-Financials. This means that the master data of CODA are used in Centurio and Sagitta and the results of the project administration flow into CODA as journal lines.

December 2003 | DZH Voorburg selects Sagitta for project administration
The Water Management and Sewage Service Duinwaterbedrijf Zuid-Holland (DZH) in Voorburg will use Sagitta integrated with CODA-Financials, which means that Sagitta uses the master data of CODA and returns the project administration as journal lines to CODA.

December 2003 | The Provincial Authority of Zeeland selects Sagitta for project administration
The Provincial Authority of Zeeland will use Sagitta integrated with CODA-Financials, which means that Sagitta uses the master data of CODA and returns the project administration as journal lines to CODA.

September 2003 | The Municipality of Sittard-Geleen selects Sagitta for project administration
The Municipality of Sittard-Geleen, a union of the municipalities of Sittard, Geleen and Born, will use Sagitta integrated with CODA-Financials, which means that Sagitta uses the master data of CODA and returns the project administration as journal lines to CODA.

September 2003 | The Municipality of Voorschoten selects Sagitta for project administration
Like many other municipalities, the Municipality of Voorschoten will use Sagitta integrated with CODA-Financials, which means that Sagitta uses the master data of CODA and returns the project administration as journal lines to CODA.

Both municipalities, Brunssum and Oegstgeest will use Sagitta integrated with CODA-Financials, which means that Sagitta uses the master data of CODA and returns the project administration as journal lines to CODA.

May 2003 | The Provincial Authority of Utrecht selects Sagitta for project administration
The Provincial Authority of Utrecht will use Sagitta integrated with CODA-Financials, which means that Sagitta uses the master data of CODA and returns the project administration as journal lines to CODA.

April 2003 | DWR Amsterdam selects Sagitta for project administration
The Water Management and Sewage Service of Dike Board Amstel, Gooi en Vecht (DWR) in Amsterdam will use Sagitta integrated with CODA-Financials, which means that Sagitta uses the master data of CODA and returns the project administration as journal lines to CODA.

April 2003 | The Municipality of Vlaardingen selects Sagitta for project administration
The Municipality of Vlaardingen will use Sagitta integrated with CODA-Financials, which means that Sagitta uses the master data of CODA and returns the project administration as journal lines to CODA.

March 2003 | The Trimbos Institute, Utrecht, selects Sagitta and Astrea for project administration and billing
The Trimbos Institute, an Institute of Mental Health and Addiction in Utrecht will use Sagitta and Astrea integrated with CODA-Financials, which means that Sagitta and Astrea use the master data of CODA and return the project and billing data as journal lines to CODA.

March 2003 | MAB Germany selects Sagitta for project administration
MAB is an independent property development and investment company with operating companies in The Netherlands, Germany, France, United Kingdom and Belgium. The activities are: design, realisation, investment and management of commercial real estate.
Next to MAB Netherlands, one of our eldest customers and user of Sagitta, now also MAB Germany has chosen Icorp.
MAB Germany will also use Sagitta integrated with CODA-Financials.