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The Icorp software is well equiped to support communication processes, especially on the planning, registration and financial side.
When creating commercial outings, these can be considered projects, with its planning of resources and locations, budgets, billing runs and management information needs. For the automatic gathering of information the Icorp Data Bridge offers elegant facilities.
Collecting money from subcriptions on the internet, giving access to magazines or specialised scientific book collections, is also an area in which Icorp software can be seen in action.
An adjacent area lies in the collection of payments for broadcasted commercials. Their length, station, timestamp and other variables determine the price to charge, within the context of agreed contracts.
Replacing 'commercials' by the term 'artists', leads to the application field of performing artists and royalties, i.e. stakeholders who are entiteld to receive payments when their performance or their song, series or movie is being broadcasted. The Icorp Rules Engine plays an important role, also here.
Ticketing is another example of a nearby area where Icorp applications can be encountered.
In all of these areas large volumes of data flow, where the Icorp software is optimised for. The power of automation is very well discernable here, in data collection from various data sources, and in validations, enrichments and transformations. All accomplished with standard software.