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Financial services ask for high reliability. When trading large volumes of bought and sold denominations, the exact application of exchange rates is key. Streamlined processes are also the objective of the Icorp software when applied as backoffice in b2b invoicing of ticket sales within a complex landscape of transportation companies and sales agencies.
In the US insurance and loan services are a widespread phenomenon. Ranging from pensions and student loans to health insurance. The Icorp software is able to collect heterogeneous source data, from rather obsolete ones like csv, to webservices. Under the application of rules, it can produce bills-to-measure for the customers of these companies. Everything going automatically, with only the need to intervene in case of anomalies.
Icorp also facilitates market authorities with executing their tasks as specified by law. The Icorp Rules Engine can be used to make a ranking of institutions needing monitoring. And the software can calculate the contribution enterprises must pay for their permits and the monitoring of their sector, based on variables defined by law.