Web Applications for Business Processes

Icorp Services Planning

Icorp Services Planning is aimed at deploying the right personnel at the right moment against project or client requirements. In a matrix containing multiple changeable dimensions, the user can easily identify and modify requests and appointments. Appointments transform into timecards and invoice lines upon confirmation.
Services Planning is of interest for among others consultancy firms.
Like the other Icorp modules Icorp Services Planning is fully web based.

Planning matrix

Key feature in Services Planning is the matrix depicted below. It has selectable dimensions for tabs, columns and cells. This gives the user the opportunity to look on the requests and appointments from different angles. The perspective can vary from the units and their employees to the customers and their projects.


Requests and appointments can be concatenated, or given a repeating pattern. Communication about requests, appointments, confirmations etc. is vital. In a sophisticated way the module Icorp Correspondence takes care of that.