Web Applications for Business Processes

Icorp Intelligence

This complementary module transforms raw data into a wealth of meaningful intelligence. At the click of a button the software generates detailed, up-to-the-minute Excel worksheets, straight from the database. Enabling you to access, digest and present your data, understand your resources, and plan for future successes. Extract usable and relative information in a format that minimizes management analysis time. An indispensible tool to help formulate meaning and articulate performance.

Because Icorp Intelligence pulls data real-time from the database, via pre-defined but changeable templates, all staff work with consistent, high-quality datasets. Icorp Intelligence isn't limited to the Icorp database, also CODA Financials and external databases can be queried.

Available is a pre-configured project management implementation with maintenance facilties for budgets, estimates-to-complete, resource allocation and more. Icorp Intelligence templates connect these with info about sent invoices and payments, offering quick and comprehensive status overviews for project managers.