Master Data Management: store your data in the right way

The algorithms and data structure of ICORP software are largely free. Which means that it’s almost a perfect fit for the business processes that it has to support.

We call data structure freedom Master Data Management (MDM). Would you like to create a storage place for products in the new system? Then define the entity “product” with all the fields that you need to describe it. Need to register the colour? The dimensions of the product? Whether it’s a service or an article? All you have to do is define these fields in the set-up dashboard of the ICORP application. By type, choosing from a text field, a pulldown, a calendar field or a checkbox.

Data integrity with just one click

That is only the start. Integrity often plays a role too, like the connection between a product or service and a supplier. With ICORP, this data integrity can be established with just one click. If or when the situation changes, just add, for example “assortment” as an extra classification for products from the supplier. You can do this immediately. That is characteristic of modern business life: the constantly changing circumstances.

After building your data model, with all the entities, fields and relationships in place, it’s time for the access rights. Basically, who can create, edit, read or use each entity, which is even assignable on a field level. You can set these rights, super simple, in a dashboard.

Whatever transaction your business needs

Next to products, customers and other static master data, there’s transactions. The transport movements (mobility as a service), the passage of each lorry on board a ship, or parcel deliveries. These transactions can also be defined by ICORP. Easily. We call this Transaction Data Management. The ICORP software suite has all the tooling to configure whatever transaction your business needs.

We also offer a third level of data freedom: ICORP Rate Data Management (ICORP RDM). Rates appear differently in different business processes, so we must be able to define them. Questions arise. Is the price of a product a straightforward one? Is it depending on the supplier? The specific assortment? The customer? A group of clients? The answer won’t surprise you. It is never one thing, it’s always a mixture. That’s why rate types need hierarchies, with sequences to apply them. Often, there are additional series you would like to store, like cost prices. And how about discounts? It all can be simply defined in the same way, using ICORP RDM.

Let the ICORP DataBridge pull them in

The next step. Where does the master data content, the transaction data and the rates come from? These MDM, TDM and RDM data sets can of course be administered using ICORP software. The data-entry screens are built automatically, by the definition of entities and fields. Often however, the content (fully or partially) resides in neighbouring systems. That can be solved too, let the ICORP DataBridge pull them in. A big efficiency gain. The ICORP DataBridge configures itself, building a bridge to all sources and destinations. To the MDM, TDM and RDM data collections. And the means of transport? Preferably web services. Other APIs. Database links. Or, as a last resort, Excel.

The ICORP Master Data Management systems are a central component from the extensive ICORP product suite, building further on this solid software foundation.

ICORP MDM: A master of many purposes

The ICORP Master and Transaction Data Management systems can also be used as applications for many other purposes, including:

  • Serving as a central repository that other systems in your landscape can rely on. We can also actively move the data to other systems.
  • Serving as a light CRM system, where the actions to be undertaken towards prospects and customers are shaped as transactions.
  • Serving as a contract management system, where you can store your assets. That includes media productions, like movies, documentaries, tv series, etc. Also, the rightsholders and their share of the revenue, if sold to broadcasters. The actual sales and agreements can be included too.
  • Contract management for real estate portfolios, with a plethora of projects, intricate financial aspects and other complicated characteristics, also fit very nicely into this mould.

Find out more about Master Data Management

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