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ICORP Credit Management Software can save you stress (and save you millions). Whether it’s euros, dollars or Japanese Yen, ICORP Credit Management Software can save you millions. How? Well, to start with, think about a global company with offices all over the world. Hundreds of colleagues tasked with chasing and resolving issues linked to all the various financial transactions, crossing the planet in all directions (and currencies).

manageable with complicated data

ICORP Credit Management makes even the most complicated data manageable. And not just on a large scale. Medium-sized companies and businesses based in just one country can also benefit. Our credit management software provides templates, structure, automation and historical insights.

credit management software

the best credit management software

Chasing clients for individual invoices that are paid too late is very time-consuming, and unfortunately, a far too common problem. ICORP Credit Management Software provides tailor-made information to confront him or her (in a friendly way). This is based on experience built up in the system and algorithms created by experts in this field.

With the help of our templates and algorithms, you can determine the priority of actions, take into account days overdue, frequency of occurrence and duration of the relationship with the customer. In other words, ICORP Credit Management software offers you more profound data. All the actions, plans and outcomes stored in a large underlying database, which gives you more overview. This more scientific approach will increase your chance of a positive response from your client.

minimise your risks

ICORP Credit Management Software actually helps you minimise your risks as well as any possible losses. It includes creditworthiness indicators, based on external information and your own experience. This can help prevent you doing business with unreliable and untrustworthy clients. At the very least, our system means you can engage in talks with your client before matters go too far. Or to understand where the payment problem lies.

Overall, our credit management tools will help you collect a substantial amount of money that would otherwise have been lost.

seamless integration with your current financial systems

The ICORP Credit Management system has been designed to integrate with every financial management system. Which means you have a complete overview. Overdue payments in your finance system will be automatically retrieved. Troublesome late payers will be sorted by the severity of each case, and on a daily basis.

Also, all the information you need to reach out to the right department and contact person, wherever they are in the world. If the information is in your system, our credit management software will find it. Actually, even if the information isn’t in your system it will also find it, by pulling this data from other sources. The fact is, the more information you have, the more chance that your invoices are paid.

credit management

follow at all stages

If you agree a new payment schedule with a “troublesome” client, having it registered in ICORP Credit Management software makes it easier to follow at all stages, until it is fulfilled in your financial system. If it isn’t, you will immediately receive a red flag. In instances of charges for late payments: our system automatically creates an invoice with this included and posts the debit in your own financial system.

credit management software with smarter algorithms

ICORP Credit Management algorithms make dynamic calculations regarding creditworthiness, action agendas and more. For example, creditworthiness calculations take into account multiple variables, with a weighted contribution. Like last year’s turnover, credit registration from an external source filled in by hand, automatic credit registration (API) and the payment performance up to the present moment.

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