Streaming Your Data


Icorp and its predecessor Consilium exist since 1996. We started with Time and Billing software integrated with CODA Financials. Over the years, inspired by the market, our product range steadily extended, to result in a large collection of products. The newer products often bear abstract names (e.g. Quantities), indicating that the Icorp software has become a toolbox from which applications can be constructed that differ heavily in their appearance and behaviour, just by configuration. This is why Icorp can service container shipping companies as well as governmental organisations with the same standard software.

The original customer base was vested in Holland. For years the focus has shifted to large international companies operating globally.
Icorp is an official partner to UNIT4 UK, UNIT4 US, UNIT4 The Netherlands and UNIT4 Germany.

Originally Icorp built satellite applications circling around CODA Financials. More and more we see integration with other information systems, where Icorp is the hub in the wheel.