Billing software. What you didn’t think you needed (but you absolutely do)

Billing. It seems so simple. What did you sell? What service did you provide? Put that on an invoice and voila! Job done. Or perhaps not… When you start to think about how much time you actually need to put into just one invoice, a very different picture emerges. All that manual work in preparation. The having to collect data from many different systems. Or worse, you have to work with something in paper form or as an Excel. Data that can’t just be transformed (like magic) into an invoice. Then there’s the applicable rates that need to be looked up. Oh, nearly forgot, we need an appendix to the invoice, specifying exactly what happened and when. That’s not a request from the customer, they demand it. And what the customer demands depends on which customer it concerns. One customer must have a consolidated invoice, while the other expects day-to-day billing.

ICORP Billing software

On top of all the above (if that wasn’t enough) feeding a governmental portal with all the billing data that’s legally required today. How to do all this? Ask someone to create tailor-made software? And then booking the invoices in the finance system? In days gone by, you would see a whole department of staff doing this manually. Then filing them in rows of filing cabinets, to be retrieved if any question came up. Of course we’ve moved on, the situation is rarely this black. But what about a completely streamlined billing solution? Wouldn’t that be most welcome?

If your billing system is becoming an increasing burden, it’s time to lighten the load. Consider ICORP Complex Billing SaaS. Allow us to collect your data for you, via web services or other automatic functions, however big the multitude of sources you may have. Let us apply the correct rates. Do the currency conversions and determine the taxes. Give us the specs for posting to your financial system, and we’ll put it in our algorithms. Creating the financial bookings automatically, day in day out. How about monitoring? We have tools to give you perfect insight into your day-to-day business. Also, for answering questions on individual bills, including a portal specially for your customers.

Determine the full scope of your billing effort

To determine the full scope of your billing effort, don’t forget about specialities that often cost the most time. What about self-billing? And working with invitations-to-invoice? And repeat-billing? And credit notes and debits-after-credits? And surcharges? And advance payments? And intercompany invoices? And participation in upcoming “as a Service” networks, like Mobility as a Service? There’s so much to gain and no pain. We will even find charges that have been “forgotten” in your old billing solutions, because they were impossible to retrieve and calculate. Like complex surcharges.

ICORP SaaS (software as a service) uses the latest techniques. Cloud-to-cloud connections are our core business. Whatever the source or financial system, we are best in class for connecting with best-in-class applications. Also in our toolbox, OpenID Connect (IODC), a powerful authentication protocol. Feeding Peppol for government invoices? We can do that for you too.

Looking both objectively and critically, you know that you can really improve your current operation. ICORP Complex Billing gives you more ROI, transparency and control.

On top of that, ICORP cloud software can easily click in into your existing systems landscape. Whether on-premise or in the cloud. Then we can offer you seamless complex billing. And more services, like an Order-to-Cash solution, or even a Quote-to-Cash solution. We already work with many international customers, maybe you should be next.