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The Icorp software has a very diverse application. The software is always standard, for every customer, but the setup is so flexibele and the collection of building blocks so large, that very diverse applications can be constructed, in very diverse markets.
Most of the time, the Icorp applications function in the administrative and financial heart of organisations. Their functioning as applications for Planning, Budgeting, Registration, Data collection, Rule application, Billing, Communication and Intelligence must be highly reliable.
Markets that Icorp services, range from Trade companies, Media companies, Government and Retail companies to Financial institutions.
New versions of the Icorp software are released regularly. They are always backward compatible with older versions. also in their integration with surrounding systems. Connections with other systems are a key characteristic of the Icorp software. From webservices to direct database links, all is aimed at easy integration into complex landscapes, with an intermediary broker role.
Next to being standard software, highly flexible and integrable, another USP is the large volumes of data that the Icorp software is able to process. This is a key design directive.
The Icorp software collection can be used from the Cloud, as SaaS and on-premise. It supports every language and character set, all currencies and all global tax systems.