Highly adaptive software

Our passion is developing highly adaptive software to handle complicated financial and administrative business processes. Working with standard software that can be precisely tailored to your needs. Data flowing seamlessly from application to application, inside and outside of ICORP. Applications include complex billing, credit management, quoting, budgeting, planning, expense registration, data collection, time tracking, communication and business intelligence.

Our software is used by governments, financial institutions, trading companies, logistics firms and media agencies. With good reason.

Highly intelligent software for financial and administrative business processes.

Standard software that can be precisely tailored to your needs.

Applications focus on complex billing, credit management, quoting and business intelligence.


If ever there was a sector that is renowned for its complexity it’s logistics. Just configuring communication functionality between customers, customs and the necessary governmental departments is a challenge. A challenge that generic ERP solutions are just not fully up to. ICORP software effortlessly connects dedicated freight, storage, distribution and finance systems.

Logistics. Satisfying the need for speed.
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Yodel is a delivery company in the United Kingdom. In fact, one of the largest couriers, second only to Royal Mail. Serving many of the UK’s leading retailers and 7,000 clients daily, delivering millions of parcels every week, from 50 locations nationwide. ICORP has been working with Yodel since 2013.